At one time in our lives we have all been a "First time buyer".  Remembering our
confusion and worry, fears of what was expected of us that we were not informed of,
and wondering "who to trust", is a memory we never forget.

This is why, we feel the need to include this page in our website, and lighten the
burden on you "the first time home buyer"!  We would like your first purchase to be a
GREAT memory, and we would like you to know, that choosing us to walk that path
with you, will ensure that goal!
    The first, and most important thing to do before you even start looking at homes, is get pre-
    approved.  Do not go online, or speak to various different mortgage companies and banks,
    because each one MUST run your credit report in order to see what you qualify for, and every
    time your credit report is run, it brings your credit score DOWN.  Especially stay away from
    online companies that say they can get various lenders to offer you their programs (in this
    case your credit report will be numerous times).  Ask your Realtors, at EverSand Realty Group,
    to assist you in getting pre-approved.  We want you to be able to afford a home, so we have
    the knowledge and expertise to suggest to you the best loan officers for the job.  A mortgage
    company is much better than a Bank, and the reason for this, is that they can offer you
    programs from all over the industry (they work with all the lenders).  If you go directly to a
    Bank, you are subjecting yourself to ONLY the programs they have available, for which you
    might not fit into.  Once you have chosen your loan officer, it takes 10 minutes on the phone
    (free), to tell them your information (ex. job status, social security numbers, address, name,
    yearly income) and what you want your monthly payments to be, they will call you back within
    that day and inform you of exactly what programs you qualify for.  They can explain the details,
    and what would be expected of you.  They will then send you (either by email, fax, mail) your
    pre-approval letter.  This letter is of the utmost importance in buying.  In todays society, sellers
    and Realtors WILL NOT take an offer seriously without a pre-approval letter.   

    Now it's time to search for your first home.  Knowing what price range you qualify for, now
    makes our search simple.  While searching for your home, remember, NEVER call various
    agencies or Realtors if you see a house on their site, or a sign in front of a house.  ALWAYS
    CALL YOUR "1" REALTOR, US.  No matter where you see the house advertised, every Realtor
    has access to the information on it.  So it is very important that you stick to "1" Realtor.  People
    don't seem to realize this, but if they want dedication from a Realtor, they must offer the same
    in return.  When a buyer starts going out with other agents, or calling other agents, then their
    Realtor will not want to put forth their best effort to serve them, because there is a chance that
    after all the time and effort put into helping a buyer, they could end up not making anything,
    because the buyer called a different agent for one house, and that house happened to be the
    one they picked.  So remember, be faithful to your Realtor and they will work hard for you.  

    Once, you have found the house you like, we will sit down and put your offer in writing.  We
    will present it to the Seller and their Realtor.  We will negotiate back and forth for a little while,
    until both buyer and seller have agreed on a price and terms.  We will then get the Seller's
    signature.  Then we will call you with the good news.                  
    At this time, both seller and buyer will choose their attorney.  We have a list of Real Estate
    Attorneys to help you.  And don't worry, you do not have to pay the attorney up front, it all
    comes out at the closing.  We send the contracts to both attorneys, and they will review it for
    approximately 3 days.  During this 3 day attorney review, you and the seller can back out at
    any time.  Once attorney review has ended, you will then be bound to the contract, except for
    two things....................if you have a mortgage problem (which we will have already made sure
    you won't), or if during your inspection a structural problem arises with the house.  These two
    things are usually put in (by your attorney) to allow you the option of voiding the contract, if
    they can not be rectified.

    Once attorney's review has ended, you are expected to order a structural inspection and sit
    down with your loan officer to fill out the formal application for your mortgage within a certain
    time frame.  Your inspection can cost you anywhere from $250. and up, depending on the
    company you hire.  With this inspection a termite inspection is usually included (and must be
    done).  Afterwards, you will receive a written report from the inspector, for which you will
    submit any concerns about it to your attorney.  Your attorney will alert the seller's attorney.  In
    best case scenario, the inspection turns out fine, and you move on to the next step.  Which is
    simply, waiting for your mortgage commitment to come in, and the closing to take place.

    When your just about to get a full Mortgage Commitment, your loan officer will call you and
    advice you that you need to get insurance in place for the house.  Again, every step of the way,
    we are here to help.  You will have to pay for 1 year of insurance up front.  This can run you
    anywhere from $300. and up, depending on the amount of insurance you are required to get.

    Now you are ready to close.  Your attorney will notify everyone of the exact closing date, time,
    and place (usually at the buyer's attorney's office).
    About 2 weeks before closing, you will have all the utilities turned on in your name, for the date
    you move in (Again, we will help you).

    THE DAY OF THE CLOSING - You will show up at your attorney's office, sign all the
    documents, get the keys.........AND BECOME A PROUD HOMEOWNER!!!