It's about time.....Homeowner's take back control of how well their
home is marketed!

This "Escape Clause" is offered exclusively by EverSand Realty
Group, and guarantees you satisfaction from the moment your home
is listed or you may exercise your right to cancel the listing
agreement completely, and unconditionally.  You don't have to tie up
your home in a 6 month listing with the wrong Realtor, unless you
choose to!

This "Escape Clause" otherwise known as our immediate
"Guarantee" is not offered by any other agent or agency. Be
extremely cautious of those agents that you tell about this and then
say "Oh, I can do that too".  If that were the case then why didn't
they offer it up front.  There is also something called a "conditional"
withdrawal, which is what they may give you when the time comes
that you realize they haven't lived up to their promises.  A
conditional withdrawal will let you out of their listing, but will
immobilize you from selling your home with anyone else until the
original expiration date on their listing ends.  
If you are not satisfied with our performance "at any time" you can
void our listing agreement.  You are never locked in, as you
would be with other Realtors.  We believe that if someone does
not live up to their promises, you should be able to fire them!!
Certificate of
This Certificate represents our personal guarantee and
is binding on the day your home is listed with us:

David Mann